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The film is bankrolled by Kamal Rane. Plot Sardaar Gabbar Singh is a spin off of the 2009 Hindi film Kalyanaraman. The film's plot follows the life of a gangster named Sardar Gabbar Singh (Pawan Kalyan). In the movie, a police officer named Inspector Gaitonde (played by Pawan Kalyan) is a specialist in crime-scene investigation. Gaitonde is a strong admirer of Sardar Gabbar Singh. Gaitonde and Sardar Gabbar Singh become friends and have a special relationship. Gaitonde shares a special connection with the families of Sardar Gabbar Singh and his wife Seeta (Kajal Aggarwal). Gaitonde's wife is revealed to be terminally ill, and a woman who is a colleague of Gaitonde's daughter uses her clout to get a stay of execution for Gaitonde's wife. Gaitonde agrees to try to help his wife by talking to the goons and their family to convince them to surrender. He quickly realizes that their only weakness is that they are lazy and greedy and that they need his help to become self-sufficient. Gaitonde manages to keep the peace, but when he discovers that the families of Sardar Gabbar Singh and Seeta have arranged for Sardar Gabbar Singh to marry Seeta, he knows that the families need to be convinced that they should give up the plan, even if that means killing the couples. He offers the wives of Sardar Gabbar Singh and Seeta a sum of money for them to disappear and leaves Sardar Gabbar Singh to face the consequences of his crime. Cast Pawan Kalyan as Inspector Gaitonde Kajal Aggarwal as Seeta Prakash Belawadi as Sardar Gabbar Singh Brahmanandam as V.K. Vijay Gajendra Chauhan as Pandu Ali as Inspector Gulshan Tanikella Bharani as Commissioner Subbaraju as Court clerk Mallika Sarabhai as Gaitonde's wife Praveen Kumar as CI officer Raghu Karumanchi as Kingka Sandeep Chowta as Inspector Naidu Kaushik Sen as Head constable Akash as Akash K. K. Raina as Vidyarthi Manjushree Thakur as D.K.




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HD Online Player (Gabbar Singh Movie Download Dual Aud)

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